About 4good

Our story begins in June 2010 when a Tauranga kid named Max was diagnosed with Cancer.

Fast forward 6 months and Max’s Dad and a group of mates decided that they wanted to do something awesome to ‘pay forward’ the terrific support that Max received during his initial treatment at Starship Hospital.

In January 2011 the 4good charitable trust was formed and the scene was set. As a group, we were sick and tired of traditional fundraising methods where people gave based on guilt (picture malnourished African child) or because they couldn’t cross the street to get away from the collector in time (we love the environment too but leave us alone!)

The concept was pretty simple. We wanted people to feel good about giving and we didn’t want the dollar amount or having to choose a charity to get in the way.

Who is on the 4good team?

The 4good team is together because we believe in doing good things for people who need it.  We all volunteer our time, because we believe that every donated cent should go to the charities we support.

Our team is:

Dan, Steve, Ryan & Phil

The original 4good team. Pictured: Dan, Steve, Ryan, Phil 

And thank you to the other team members who have volunteered their time over the years:

These businesses deserve a mention…

We’d like to extend our special thanks to the following businesses for donating their services:

How can you trust us?

You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve done the ground work and that we are a registered charitable trust. We have our solicitor as an independent trustee and we adhere to a charity selection process so you can be sure your $4 won’t go to the 4good beer drinking fund. We’re also pleased to report that 100% of each $4 donation goes directly to the charity of the month.

Any queries? Check out our FAQ’s or simply contact us.

All happy? Donate $4 now and get amongst it!

Our Charities Commission number is CC46762.