4good Charity for October 2018……..

Thanks to all who voted for the charity to support in October 2018.

The New Zealand charity with the most votes from the 4good community in October is………

One in five New Zealanders is living with a disability. That means approximately 150,000 young people with disabilities are facing considerable barriers in their lives. StarJam believes this is something that can be changed. Through music and performance workshops, StarJam reaches many of these young New Zealanders and provides opportunities for them to explore their talents, gain new skills and build confidence to try new things. Over the years, StarJam’s impact on Jammers (our young people) and their families has been phenomenal – inspiring self-belief and a sense of belonging, often for the very first time, resulting in a new zest for life and hope for the future. For many, StarJam has been a life-transforming experience.

Be safe and remember to not only be good but also give 4good!

From the 4Good team.


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