Voting is now open for 4good’s Octobers 2018 Charity

Voting is now open! Our technical issues have now been fixed giving us the opportunity to repost those in last months poll.

With your help we be able to give away funds to a worthy NZ charity next month!


The Manawatu Multiple Sclerosis Society T/A MS Central Districts #CC21737 

We receive approximately 15 percent of our operating costs from the Ministry of Health, the remaining 85 percent we must source ourselves.  We rely heavily on the goodwill of the public through donations of money and/or time, and on various Trusts and other organisations such as NZ Lotteries, COGS, Eastern and Central Community Trust, etc.  We also hold fundraising activities including an annual street appeal, raffles, and collections at other events.



StarJam Charitable Trust #CC10557

One in five New Zealanders is living with a disability. That means approximately 150,000 young people with disabilities are facing considerable barriers in their lives. StarJam believes this is something that can be changed. Through music and performance workshops, StarJam reaches many of these young New Zealanders and provides opportunities for them to explore their talents, gain new skills and build confidence to try new things. Over the years, StarJam’s impact on Jammers (our young people) and their families has been phenomenal – inspiring self-belief and a sense of belonging, often for the very first time, resulting in a new zest for life and hope for the future. For many, StarJam has been a life-transforming experience.


Kaibosh #CC38367

Kaibosh is based in Wellington and is New Zealand’s first food rescue organisation.

We link the food industry with community groups that support people in need ensuring that quality surplus food reaches those who are struggling rather than being needlessly discarded. This benefits both our community and our environment.

Working in Wellington and the Hutt Valley with the help of a dedicated team of more than 200 volunteers, Kaibosh rescues and sorts food 7 days a week. We deliver up to 25,000kg of quality surplus food each month to community groups that support people in need. This is the equivalent of 71,000 meals provided to those who need it most, as well as a 19,400kg reduction in carbon emissions.


So, who shall we give it to?

  • services or any other means considered appropriate, including, but not limited to, the making of grants or the provision of services for any purpose that will further the welfare of hearing impaired persons.
  • Promote to the public generally, awareness and understanding of the causes, prevention and consequences of hearing impairment.
  • Advocacy – To understand the issues faced by those with hearing issues and to be a voice to enable them to enjoy full participation in their community.

Choose one of these 3 charities to receive this money in November 2018 (Vote in the poll below before 5pm, 31 October 2018).

Vote below:

Which of these 3 charities has your vote for the charity we support in October 2018?

  • StarJam Charitable Trust #CC10557 (82%, 56 Votes)
  • Kaibosh #CC38367 (13%, 9 Votes)
  • The Manawatu Multiple Sclerosis Society T/A MS Central Districts #CC21737 (4%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 68

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