4good Charity for July 2018……..

Thanks to all who voted for the charity to support in July 2018.

The New Zealand charity with the most votes from the 4good community in July is………

  Littlemore Trust #CC53675
t’s our vision to see communities where every newborn is set for life. That’s why we’re helping families share the joy of parenting. We’re doing this by helping Kiwis pass on their pre-loved baby clothes and other baby essentials to families with newborns in need in Auckland. This may seem such a small thing, but every little piece of baby clothing, bedding, carseats & more that you donate, really does make a huge difference. So if you’ve got some gear that you’re thinking of passing on, here’s a massive thanks in advance from the little ones you’ll be helping.

Congratulations to this deserving charity.

Be safe and remember to not only be good but also give 4good!

From the 4Good team.


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