Voting is now open for 4good’s May 2017 Charity

Voting is now open!

Thank you for your donation this month. With your help we be able to give away funds to a worthy NZ charity next month!

So, who shall we give it to?

Choose one of these 3 charities to receive this money in June 2017 (Vote in the poll below before 5pm, 31 May 2017)

1. Tourette’s Association New Zealand #CC49639

Tourette Syndrome is a paediatric disorder and for a formal diagnosis to be given, both sets of tics need to occur concurrently before the age of 18 – although diagnosis may not be made until adulthood.It is estimated that one in a hundred people are born with Tourette Syndrome (TS) although only a small number of these people will ever be diagnosed; the majority will have tics that are so mild that they may not even be aware that they have the disorder.


2. Franklin Family Support Trust #CC37443

Franklin Family Support Services in Pukekohe is a leading agency for social services in the Franklin District.A team was formed in 1979 after a community survey, and the result was the Family Support Centre in Pukekohe. We have been providing support and services to the community since 1982 with a strong team of both volunteers and professionals. In July 2008 we changed our name and legal status to reflect the changing nature of the organisation, and became Franklin Family Support Trust, known as Franklin Family Support Services.


3. C.A.R.E Waitakere Trust #CC26583

CARE Waitakere Trust started as a dream in the hearts of a group of individuals who longed to see a social service agency in Te Atatu Peninsula. A particular need was identified for a professional counselling service which could offer high quality counselling to anyone in need of support, whether or not they were able to afford to pay the full fee. It was soon evident that there was also a great need for budgeting advice and support in the local community.


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Vote below:

Which of these 3 charities has your vote for the charity we support in May

  • Tourette’s Association New Zealand (53%, 593 Votes)
  • Franklin Family Support Trust (43%, 481 Votes)
  • CARE Waitakere Trust (3%, 38 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,112

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5 thoughts on “Voting is now open for 4good’s May 2017 Charity

  1. A great organisation doing a wonderful job for many in the community but deserves more funding to do even more!

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