Changes to the 4good team

Earlier today, our email subscribers should have received a link to our latest poll where you can vote for the charity for the month.

It’s great to have this back up and running, thanks Monique!

Did you notice that we didn’t have a poll in August, September, October?

This means that the charity with the most votes this month will get 4 months worth of funds. Lucky them!

Several members of our team went on to other projects and it’s taken us 3 months to get back on our feet. There is still lots on the to-do list, so bare with us please.

You might remember the email from Ryan asking for new volunteers?  I’m the only team member to stay on board and it’s great to be joined by 2 new volunteers: Tony Snow and Monique Edlinger. You’ll be hearing from them later.

Thank you to the departing 4good team members for your service over the years, we wish you all the best on your new projects.

For now, thanks for sticking with us. Tony and Monique have fresh ideas for improvements so we’ll hear about those soon.

– Sheldon

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