4good Charity for December 2015: The Nelson ARK Trust

Thanks to all who voted for the charity to support in December 2015

The NZ charity with the most votes this time is: The Nelson ARK Trust


The A-PART Program (Animals, People and Rehabilitative Training) – a unique and proven method of enhancing the mental wellbeing of young New Zealanders.

Their dog trainer specially selects 6 dogs from the local pound or SPCA. Under the guidance of this dog trainer together with an educational facilitator and several volunteer supporters, 6 troubled young Kiwis (average age 15) get to give their dog a chance in life by training it for 8 weeks, 3 mornings a week.

Each day the training classes are interspersed with “chalk and talk” sessions wherein such matters as empathy, reputation, personal responsibility and the other basics of emotional intelligence are discussed.

Have a great month everyone, from the 4good team, Ryan, Michelle, Sheldon, Alicia, Phil, Jeff & Joelene

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