Voting is now open for 4good’s October 2015 Charity

Voting is now open!

Thank you for your donation this month. With your help we be able to give away funds to a worthy NZ charity next month!

So, who shall we give it to?

Choose one of these 3 charities to receive this money in October 2015 (Vote in the poll below before 5pm 3oth September 2015)

1. Strong Links #CC51555. Strong Links acknowledges the lack of support for autistic members in New Zealand society operating within the professional sphere.Through emphasising the qualities of individuality and fostering community engagement at all levels, Strong Links is creating a bottom-up approach to challenge the popular societal responses to autism and its associated conditions.

2. Young and Hungry Arts Trust #CC25590 They are a charitable organisation that was founded in 1994 in association with BATS Theatre.  Young and Hungry arose out of a need to provide young people, aged 15-25 years, with opportunities to gain hands-on theatre experience within a professional structure.

3. The Children’s Grief Centre Charitable Trust (Skylight) #CC27206. Skylight is a national not for profit trust that enables children, young people, their family/whanau and friends to navigate through times of trauma, loss and grief. They facilitate their access to expert information, education, professional services and support. They also educate, train and support professionals, agencies ad individuals who assist those dealing with trauma, loss, and grief.

(If you are reading this via email, here’s where you vote)

Vote below:

Which of these 3 charities has your vote for the charity we support in October 2015?

  • Young and Hungry Arts Trust (51%, 139 Votes)
  • The Children's Grief Centre Charitable Trust (Skylight) (42%, 115 Votes)
  • Strong Links (7%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 272

Thanks for your vote! If you have your automatic payment setup already, thanks!

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  1. I have tried to sign up to pay $4 per month but each time I have hit the “submit” key I have received an “error” notice. Is the page being maintained right now? Any suggestions please? Should I try again tomorrow?

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