4good Charity for May 2015: Gutter Kitties (Stanmore Bay, Whangaparoa)

Thanks to all who voted for the charity to support in May 2015

The NZ charity with the most votes this time is: Gutter Kitties #CC47721


They pride themselves in running a no-kill shelter, and dedicate their time and efforts to rescuing timid, anxious and/or under socialised cats.

A no-kill shelter is a shelter that does not kill healthy or treatable animals. It does not matter if an animal is old, unsocialised, blind, deaf, traumatized or has a treatable illness.

All of these animals are worthy of their compassion, all of them can find homes, and all of them deserve to.

They have a communal shelter located in Stanmore Bay where these cats first go upon coming into their care.

There they are tamed by a wonderful group of volunteers, and then move into foster homes to prepare them for finding their own human family.

Have a great month everyone, from the 4good team, Ryan, Michelle, Sheldon, Alicia, Phil, Jeff & Joelene

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