Voting is now open for 4good’s August 2013 Charity

Voting is now open!

Which of these 3 charities has your vote for the charity we support in August 2013? (Vote in the poll below)

1) HUHA Charitable Trust (
HUHA = Helping yoU Help Animals)Β find homes and foster care for a multitude of homeless, abandoned, seized and abused animals.

2) Epilepsy NZ (
Provides support for those with Epilepsy and awareness for those around them, their families and whanau via trained field officers.

3) Bellyful New Zealand Trust Board (
A network of volunteers cook and deliver meals to families with new babies and families struggling with illness.

Vote below:

Which of these 3 charities has your vote for the charity we support in August 2013?

  • HUHA Charitable Trust ( (53%, 751 Votes)
  • Bellyful New Zealand Trust Board ( (32%, 462 Votes)
  • Epilepsy NZ ( (15%, 217 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,430

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47 thoughts on “Voting is now open for 4good’s August 2013 Charity

  1. There are other charities other there for the poor and for the animals, but I voted for Epilepsy because so many people know so little about it. There are so many different types of seizures; and many people think that only the grande mal ones are seizures. Thanks to everyone else who chooses to vote for Epilepsy.

  2. Epilepsy NZ has made my life since diagnosis so much easier! They sent someone to my house to teach family and friends about epilepsy, are there for support and their children’s books and game means I can explain it to nieces and nephews in an easy, less scary way. They do a fantastic job! Vote Epilepsy NZ, one in fifty of us have it so let’s support them!!

  3. All worthy charities but I’m so pleased to see huha in the lead. They VERY much need this to keep there heads (and tails) above water I think! With a no kill
    Policy, homeless dogs coming in weekly and a ridiculous Psychoactive substance bill to fight against (cheers Mr Key) they could definitely use the help I’m sure! Love you huha don’t stop the good fight!!h

  4. HuHa gets my vote. This tiny group of committed individuals do what’s most of us fail to do. Unless you encounter them you have no idea from the Facebook page the extent of their contribution to the well being of animals. They walk the talk….while most of us sympathise and talk. You are the best HUHA, you use well every cent you get…..

  5. Gotta vote for ‘Bellyfull’ – good enough for my girl and her teenage boy to volunteer for, good enough for me. They do a GREAT job

  6. I Vote for Epilepsy, back in Feb my Daughter had her first seizure, it happened to be in the water at the beach and was airlifted to Waikato with a suspected drowning, turned out to be an epileptic seizure, so many people out there are suffering and don’t like to talk about it because it is embarrassing.. IT IS NOT, it needs to be dicussed so people are informed and know what to do in a crisis …xx

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