Announcing the 4good Charity for March

This month’s charity deals with an issue close to the hearts of many Kiwi parents – children’s happiness.

Congrats to Homes of Hope who took out 4good’s online voting poll to become our charity for March.

These awesome people help more Kiwi kids experience the stable home, and hope for the future, that many of us take for granted.

Homes of Hope provide kids with permanent, long-term care and support. Their goal is to restore health and wholeness to children who have had a rough start to life, so they are able to grow into confident, competent and fulfilled adults.

Your 4good donation will go towards giving these deserving Kiwi kids a better start in life by helping provide them with a loving, stable home.

Experience has taught the Homes of Hope team that it’s far less expensive to build a child, than it is to repair an adult.

Have a great month everyone, from the 4good team, Alicia, Dan, Phil, Jeff, Joelene, Sheldon, Michelle and Michele.

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