Over $10k donated last year!

4good donated a massive $10,702 to 12 different charities last year – that’s an awesome achievement so we’d like all our supporters to pat themselves on the back!

And we finished the year with another new record, a massive $1188 raised for Parkinson’s NZ in December – bam!

Announcing Pet Fix as our first charity for 2013.

This Dunedin-based charitable trust provides financial assistance to help low income families have their much-loved household pets de-sexed.

At this time of year SPCA’s and animal shelters across the country are over run with kittens needing homes. Cats can have up to three litters during summer – creating more mouths to feed than many Kiwi families can cope with.

Your 4good donation to Pet Fix will help keep the feline population to a more managable level, in the hope there will be a few less abandoned kitties come New Year’s Day next year.

Hold on! Hasn’t 4good already supported an animal de-sexing charity?

Yes we have. We raised $1072 raised for Kitty Cat Fixers Tauranga in September 2012. Kitty Cat Fixers’ spread the word about 4good and that’s how Pet Fix came to apply.

If you have a particular organisation you’d like to support then please ask them to apply for 4good funding on our website.

Happy New Year from the 4good team; Alicia, Dan, Joelene, Michelle, Phil, Jeff, Sheldon and Michele – we’re excited about helping you feel good during 2013!



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