Wanted: Four good businesses

Let’s pat ourselves on the back.

We’ve raised a total of $12,008 for 16 different charities since we launched 4good in June 2011!!

But now we’d like to take things to the next level.

We have a goal for 4good to reach 1000 donors before the end of 2013. This will see 4good donate a massive $48,000 to 12 worthy causes each year.

Here’s how we’re going to reach 1000 donors.

  • Starting in Tauranga, we’ll deliver 4good presentations to 4 different businesses and community groups each week (our presentations will be just 4 minutes in length)
  • From each presentation we’ll aim to have five new members join us and start donating $4 per month each.
  • In achieving the above, we’ll have 20 new donors join us each week and that’s 1000 over a year! That’s a heap of NZ charities that will be better off because of our work and a huge step towards our long term plan to hit 10,000 members.

The Challenge:

Up until now 4good has been run by volunteers on the smell of an oily rag. Our success to date can be attributed to the hard work of these volunteers (listed at the bottom of this article) and of course the passion of our community of supporters.

With our new goal, we’ll need to dedicate more time and energy than ever before – and we need your help to do this.

We’ll always stick to our 100% model, meaning all of the $4 donations we receive go directly to the recipient charity of the month – we think our 100% model is what makes us different, honest and transparent. It’s also part of the reason we recently won the Innovation category at Tauranga’s Young Professional Awards.

We’re searching for just 4 businesses.

We’re looking for 4 businesses to sponsor our organisation to employ our co-founder, Dan Necklen, to tell the 4good story and deliver on our 48,000 dollar, 1000 donor promise.

We need $3,400 per month to achieve this (4 business sponsoring $850 per month) and we’re asking businesses to commit to this project for a 12 month period, starting in December 2012.

In exchange for sponsorship, these 4 businesses will receive:

  • A dedicated page on the 4good website and regular recognition on the 4good Facebook page (948 fans at present)
  • Exposure to over 5000 people during the year (a banner with the logo’s of each 4 sponsoring businesses will be displayed at 4 speaking events per week)
  • Oh yeah, and they’ll be helping to make a MASSIVE impact to 4good and 12 worthy causes each year for just $850 per month.

If you (or a someone you know) would like to get behind 4good as an organisation, please contact Dan Necklen: dan@4good.nz.w3pcloud.com or 07 575 8799.

By the way, this is just the first step towards our ultimate goal to reach 10,000 donors and become a household name in NZ. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Give $4 and feel darn good about it!

4good volunteers: Dan Necklen, Paul Mason, Steve Chitty, Ryan Kilfoil, Phil Harris, Alicia Necklen, Sheldon Nesdale, Michele McPherson, Michelle Herrick, Joelene Ranby & Jeff Stringer.

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