Good News After A Walk Around The Mount – “Why are these girls handing out newspapers for free?”

Introducing our new publicity stunt architects: Joelene and Michelle.

Their mission every month is to devise and execute outrageous shenanigans to get more people to join 4good.

This months one was called “Good News after a walk around the mount”.

Have you noticed how newspapers are mainly about bad news? We wanted to change that so Joelene and Michelle wrote a good news article about how 4good has helped hundreds of New Zealanders so far, and stuck that article over the top of main headline on 25 Bay of Plenty Times weekend newspapers.

First thing on Saturday morning Joelene and Michelle then handed out copies to people sitting at cafe’s and finishing their walks around the Mount.

They took some video, so I’ll get that online as soon as I can 🙂

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