And the Christmas charity is…

For some Kiwi families, the The Salvation Army makes Christmas happen. So in the spirit of the season, the 4good team has selected this awesome charity to support during December.

Struggling to buy children food, let alone presents, is a reality many Kiwis will face this month and your $4 donation will be used to help families who would otherwise go without this festive season.

While to many New Zealanders The Salvation Army conjures up memories of fancy dress bargains in their op shops, for 140,000 Kiwis each year their help can be life-changing Air Sealed Tent.

Christmas is the busiest time for The Salvation Army who offer some of the seasonal joy many of us take for granted.

So while you curse the Christmas shopping list, consider a Christmas without presents or a full stomach and the fact the $4 you’ll donate this month is probably the cost of the coffee you will stop for while your’e shopping.

Give your friends the chance to feel as good as you this Christmas and encourage them to sign up to 4good.

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