You’re making a difference!

You probably didn’t notice the $4 you donated to 4good during October, but Alzheimer’s New Zealand certainly did!

The charity organisation supports the 43,000 Kiwis living with dementia offering education, support for them and their carers, and a chance for their voice to be heard.

As the number of people donating $4 a month and ‘feeling damn good about it’ nears the 200 mark, 4good was able to hand over $648 – our biggest donation yet – to this worthy charity.

Alzheimer’s New Zealand is spread throughout branches across the country and your $4 will go towards creating resources like information sheets and pamphlets which help raise awareness of dementia and de-stigmatise the disease in your community.

It will also help with the cost of maintaining the newly-created Faces of Dementia website which shares the personal stories of those affected by dementia.

So if you were wondering how $4 a month could make a difference – that’s how.


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