Congrats Ryan!

Huge congrats to our boy Ryan who’s wife gave birth to their 3rd child on Wednesday. A beautiful little boy weighing  in at 8 Pounds 13 ounces. Mother and baby are both doing well. Cant wait to meet the wee fella!

Congrats from your 4good brothers!

2 thoughts on “Congrats Ryan!

  1. Hi, just wondering if you have any plans to support the recovery of Tauranga through 4good? Perhaps a donation to the care for our coast fund? Or are you mostly focusing on the big causes? Hope it’s not to cheeky of me to ask:)

    • Hi Lisa, good question! Our trust deed is for the benefit of nationwide charities only (as opposed to regional initiatives) so we have to be a little careful here. We’ve selected forest and bird as our next charity as they are a national charity but will certainly be placing some focus upon the Tauranga recovery. How does this sound? 🙂

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