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We have a super important question for ya! Your feedback on this post will help us to consider other payment methods for accepting $4 donations. Here’s the question:

Should we provide an alternative to accepting donations via credit card?

Please place your feedback/comment below and let’s start the debate! We’ll also use this post as a place to update you on our progress in this area 🙂

4 thoughts on “Payment Options

  1. I know I’ve already made my opinion clear but here it is again! I definately think there should be a direct debit or automatic payment option set up. I don’t actually have a credit card, nor do I want one. I will be unable to support this cause without a non credit card option. Also, what about kids/teenagers who would like to support 4good? I know of kids who regularly contribute a set amount to causes such as child sponsorship. It’s a good learning opportunity for them and helps to develope kind, considerate and thoughtful adults. Thanks and good luck with spreading the word and growing 4good!

  2. Hi Lisa, Have you considered a debit-visa?

    Credit cards are becoming more and more the de facto payment solution as a lot of services head online.

  3. Hey guys,

    What an amazing job you are all doing. I think a direct Debit is an excellent option especially if you are like me and never remember passwords. Also you could give an option to donate more each month :). $4 i a nice easy amount but maybe an option of $8 and $12 aswell ??



    • Thanks for the kind words Rach, direct debit is a good idea! I think we are going to need to offer at least one other alternative, the people have spoken!

      On the $4 front, we do like the fact that it’s so simple and different to other charities in that you can’t pick the $ amount. That said, the idea of 4good for business has been discussed and this might be more than $4 a month 😉

      Thanks for your valuable feedback!

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