And the charity for August is…

This month we’re pleased to team up with the Heart Foundation!

It’s bloody interesting (excuse the pun) to learn that Cardiovascular disease (heart, stroke and blood vessel disease) is the leading cause of death in New Zealand, accounting for 40% of deaths annually. Every 90 minutes a kiwi dies from coronary heart disease so it’s not hard for us all to find a reason to whip out $4 and support this cause.

In other news, thanks to everyone for an awesome result in July with $504 raised for Child Cancer. Let’s see what we can all do for the Heart Foundation – please share the love by signing up (if you haven’t already) or clicking one of the fancy icons below.

Ps. If you’ve already signed up to 4good then you don’t need to do anything. Not signed up? Get on board and give $4


2 thoughts on “And the charity for August is…

  1. Hi, I think this is a fantastic idea, good on you! I would like to donate but don’t have a credit card. Are there any other options?

    • Hi Lisa,

      During the first few months we are concentrating on ensuring that the system works without hiccup – so far so good. We are looking at alternative methods for donation (i.e. AP) however have some hoops to jump through first before being able to do that regularly. Rest assured, when we do have this ability we will let you know!

      In the meantime, you can still help out the 4good cause without a credit card – please see our FAQ for more information (

      Regards, Paul

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